h !



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Һ Ә !

            ә әә ! ȼә ә ә ә , әә ә ә ә ә әә ! ә ә ә , ә ә ә, ә ә ә ә ә !

            әә ә Һ ә ! ә-ә ә ә әә, әһ-, әһ-Ғ, ә ә, ә “ ә” ә , ә Һ әә ә ә ә әә ғә әҹәәә!

            ... ә ә һ ҹә ! ҹ һә әғ ә Һ, , ә, ә ә ә ә, ә, әә , әә әәәә ә ә! ә ә , ә Һ ә, ә ә ә, әә, һәә ә ә, һәә ә ә ә! Ә ә ә ҹә ! һ ә һ ә Һ ә, ә һ, һә-һә ә һ ә ә Һ- ә! ә , , ә әә һә әә, һәә ә, һәәә ә Һ ә! әә ә ҹ әә һә !

            Ә, ә әә әә һәә ә ә ә Һ, ә ә ә ә , ә , әә ә ә! Һ ә һә , әә , ә Һ! Һ әә, , ә! ә, һәәә, әәә! Ҹә ә һ, һ әғғә ҹәә Һ- әә! Әә һ әә ә әә ә әғ һәәә ә әә ә ә! Һ әәәәә , әә ә Һ- әғ!

ә ә , Һ ә! ә ә һ ! ә ә!


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comment  (3 )

  • yaser karamzade , 02 , 2012 18:43:11
    aziza tolishon! in mubaraka rujada bape Hilal chi millati miyonda abi ki xalgh dim ba dim bay tabrik bikayn. ammo chama millati Hilal mahbuse! in ve gona darde. ammo chama tolishon bape jiqona dardon bikashton ta in ki zumand bibon. bale, a vaxt ki Hilal chama xalqi miyonda bi ve kason bayku parsedanibin ammo isat ki Hilal zindonday hama ba sa dashan ki vazyat ve xarobe. gada gada ki ne, balkam i birdan piyedashone chama millati mahv bikan! azizon! boan dast ba dast iyan pesht ba pesht de in mubaraka ruji hurmati harakat bikamon. harakati gada gada tashkil bikamon iyan dishmeni virt-o vilo bikamon gasbo Hilal iyan co lideron dil tikay sho bibo. aziza tolishon! ba xido qasam boan matarsamon. boan tolishistoni boydaqi rost kardeyo ba sapo bimandamon. sabarz iyan zumand babe chama ina vatan: Tolishiston.
  • khanlar, 29 , 2012 23:33:47
    Hilal Mamedov is a well-respected professor of mathematics and scientist known in many countries including the United States. He is dedicated to his home country. He is known for his positive perspective and actions to make his country better. International attention would be harsh on your country for such disproportionate punishment for minor infractions and political debates. Why spend money on an unnecessary investigation and then efforts to defend your actions in the court of public opinion and international politics when this money could be better spent on helping your own people and countrymen. I am writing for your mercy on Professor Mamedovs life, as I have known him to be a caring person, father, friend, professor and mentor to many people. I cannot believe that this is happening in 2012. The actions you are embarking upon are reflective of centuries past. My family and friends cannot believe that his life is in jeopardy for speaking the truth and wanting what is best for his roots. These characteristics are admirable and not to be punished. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should be respected for being proud of their own roots. Religion requires that we treat people with respect and honor their differences. Respecting someones opinion and debating them will allow a country to be better and should not be diminished and punished. Im half Azerbaijani and half Russian and I cannot believe what is happening in this wonderful country. This overt political imprisonment will be magnified as I inform people through the internet and my own political connections here in the USA. My mother is a very well- known doctor and professor who knows and loves Azerbaijan, she even married an Azerbaijani . Please make a thorough and accurate investigation to come to a fair decision. Remember, that there are many people all over the world watching your actions and decisions. Im sure you would want to present the country as an intelligent and modern society. Respectfully, Leyla Mamedova http://word.office.live.com/wv/WordView.aspx?FBsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fattachments%2Fdoc_preview.php%3Fmid%3Did.276797625759088%26id%3D34fb9e2f9e96b4b840ee94c1ddbba689%26metadata&access_token=100001905876563%3AAQBjDzzj6x3_DiuM&title=Mamedov+Letter
  • Rafag, 28 , 2012 22:36:33
    , Һ ! , , , , !