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                In a prison city hospital of Baku Novruzali Mamedov, the 68-year old editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Tolishi sado” (“the Voice of Talysha”), a deputy head of the Talysh Cultural centre, the scientist-linguist managing sector of Institute of linguistics NAS of Azerbaijan, has died.

                We present deep condolences to the family of Novruzali Mamedov, to all Talysh people !

                At the same time, we consider as the debt to inform that this is crime of the Azerbaijan authorities at silent approval oppositions against all Talysh people. Three years has passed from the date of N.Mamedov's arrest. For all these years all Talysh organizations, irrespective of the political orientation, blew for the whole world about it. We asked the help from Iran, at the European Union countries, at all international organizations that they promoted for illegal arrested person N.Mamedov. Despite all our requests and statements, the world continued to be silent!

                He was arrested for espionage in favor of Iran. But the Iranian management has never made the protest against this false charge and did not wish to protect innocently arrested elderly the scientist!  Both Europe and Russia continued to be silent and pretend that anything criminal does not occur in Azerbaijan! And the USA, owning the information about illegally arrested of talysh journalist and scientist, continued to be silent.

                We are assured that the fault for these of a victim lays not only on a clan of Alievs. Without a tacit consent first of all managements of Iran, Russia, EU, the USA and Israel, hardly they could not only carry out such to the policy, but also be kept in power! While are silent all in the world, they continue the criminal policy against our people.

                In the face of all world of the power of Azerbaijan continue the crimes in relations to Talysh people. There will come day when all of them will answer together before court for a criminal conduct!

                The authorities of Azerbaijan deeply are mistaken in one: it they to hope to frighten us, but it at them will not turn out! Talysh people will continue the struggle to the victorious end! It is heavy day for us we recollect all sons of Talysh people, the heroes who have fallen by death on a way of clearing of the people, and restoration of Talysh statehood!

                N.Mamedov's name is forever entered in your history by gold letters!


Talysh national movement                        

Hummatzoda Alakram                                                      


Movement for revival of Talysh                           

Abbaszoda Fahraddin


Informational agency of                             



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