IFRTC (Talysh Fond) and IA Tolishpress orate about the competition of photo works Talysh World



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  Before the favourite talysh’s celebration IFRTC (Talysh Fond) together with Independent News Agency Tolishpress invite you to take part in competition of photocompositions about talysh.

  If you are Talysh or are interested in talysh nature, history or people – this competition for you! We hope that each of the photocompositions sent by you will allow the world to look at Talysh with eyes of its author and become one of fragments of talysh mosaics, which will present a life of this unique region in images and paintings, having embodied its history and the present, customs and traditions, essential problems and the important achievements of its residents.

  Irrespective of a residence any interested person can take part in competition.

  For this purpose is necessary:
- To be registered on www.tolishpress.org;
- to Send directly to e-mail info@tolishpress.org material, information about yourself (namely: Residences, the residing address, name, surname, father’s name);
- the Short autobiography and own photo;
- the Contact information (an e-mail, phone).

Requirements to photos: the Format  jpeg, the resolution of photo no more then 1024x768.

- The nature of talysh - a theme for observant and creative people who can see beauty of world around;
- The history and the present - is possibility to show to the world sights of this or that settlement, expressed in old or modern shape;
- Our dear old men – in this photos you must show how long people live in Talysh Also it is possible to carry photographs of known people of Talysh region - poets, scientific, religious figures;
- Women of talysh - it is impossible to describe shortly a phenomenon of “talysh women”, but we can confirm only one: As the nation we have remained till now thanks to our grandmothers, mothers.
- The Vote – the photo plots reflecting a civic stand of the author or a group of persons in any question, concerning a political and social and economic life of Talysh region.

  Photographic materials should not contain violence and cruelty scenes.

  All materials submitted on competition, are considered by the jury, which consists of independent experts. The advisory council decision is not reconsidered. Competitors are informed on results of competition by e-mail.

 Competition will pass till the end of spring. At the end of may we will put the 5 best photo works to the site. Our readers will be allowed to the poll in which they can give their vote for the one of the work.

Attention!!! All questions, materials you can send to info@tolishpress.org !

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  • yaser karamzade , 14 , 2009 14:59:23
    aziza tolisha boylion shima zahmati ku ve tashakkur kardamon. ama ironi tolishon ba shima aziza bivaon faxr kardamon.