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We get good news from Munich to the birthday of the leader of the Movement for the Revival of Talysh, Talysh philologists, F.F. Aboszoda. With the support of Language and Literature agency of the National Academy of Talysh the “English-Talyshi Dictionary. A-Z (250 000 words and word combinations) ” was released by the well-known German scientific publishing house "LINCOM academic publishers". From the annotation to the dictionary:

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English-Talyshi Dictionary. A-Z(250 000 words and word combinations)

Farmoni Fakhraddin Aboszoda

Language and literature agency of the National Academy of Talysh

This dictionary is the continuation of the author’s effort of compiling full-fledged Talyshi dictionaries, which is reflected in previous publications of Russian-Talyshi Dictionary (in 2 volumes; 82 000 words and word combinations. Baku: MBM. 2006-2008), Talyshi-Turkic Dictionary (M.:2010; 50 000 words and word combinations), Talyshi-Turkic Dictionary (Baku, 2011. 107 670 words and word combinations) and Russian-Talyshi Dictionary (M.: 2011; 60000 words and word combiantions). The present dictionary is mainly based on V.K. Muller’s English-Russian Dictionary (M.: 2009) and consists of 250 000 words and phrases. At the same time, other English language sources were used during the work.

It is mainly a translation dictionary. In some cases definitions of scientific and other terms are given. The dictionary has as its purpose to introduce main global centers of Iranian studies to the Talyshi language.

The process of collecting Talyshi words is not finished yet, thus the author pursues the goal of continuing his research in this direction, taking into account forthcoming suggestions and critical notes from scientists and common readers.

ISBN 9783862882243 (Hardbound). Languages of the World /Dictionaries 45. 555p. 2011.

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