E. Agaev: “Our goal is the creation of the Talysh scientific school…”



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                TolishPress wrote about participation of representatives of The National Academy of Talysh in the scientific conferences (http://tolishpress.org/news/1348.html ) and about the first edition of this scientific community (http://tolishpress.org/news/1394.html ). Of course, these publications have caused interest among our readers to the organization. The President of The National Academy of Talysh, the doctor of history Elnur Agaev had visited us and answered our questions.

                TolishPress: Mr Agaev, we have published on our site news about the first edition of The National Academy of Talysh. We also declared about the creation of public organization under the name “The National Academy of Talysh”. It is natural that at occurrence of the new organization, people first of all interests what this organization means, from what necessity it was founded. We ask you as head of the organization to tell about the purposes and activity of The National Academy of Talysh.

                E.Agaev: Before starting, I want to thank you for the news about edition of our first book, and also for possibility of an explanation of our purposes and aspirations. We will try to answer your questions with all sincerity and frankness.

                TolishPress: First of all, we would like to learn from you about from what necessity the The National Academy of Talysh was founded?

                E.Agaev: To open the reasons of creation of The National Academy of Talysh, it is necessary to perceive well our century, the world and changes occurring in it which have paved the way for this "birth". If we will remember, about second half of last century which were tired of wars, hunger, national-fascist ideologies mankind, societies, intellectuals have declared the wishes for a century in which we live now: 21 centuries – the Century of the Science. As though some people didn't declare own regional or ethnic expectations and wishes (“21 centuries – the Century of Turkish”, etc.) everything, in general, joined that desire that our century became the Century of the Science. Because the power subjective over objective – means, preservation of bigger control of the person over the nature that means, growth of a standard of living of people, their well-beings. And the person could make it only thanks to knowledge; he could achieve the object, creating knowledge from knowledge. However there was a circumstance about which have forgotten societies, mankind: the centers of force leaning against national-fascist ideologies which supported wars and hunger, too intended to use the blessings of a scientific century, and it is a lot of. And when the mankind has understood it, it has started talking about General Values – human rights, equality, democracy and other.

     Therefore today both the mankind, and at the force centers has an information hunger, there is an information struggle. Various ways and methods of overcoming of this hunger are compared with each other. While the states, the countries carrying to general values more validly.

     Provide mankind, societies with possibilities if not full partial access to information sources and creation of the information from the information, other "despotic" states, in what not putting general values, create obstacles in access to the information and its processing for mankind, "stay" people in prisons, send in references, kill; the mankind (not all societies) thinks about “their person”, “their society”, “their region”, "their environment". It is possible to think that there is nothing more naturally that the person thought of itself, environment, region. Certainly, it is natural process. But the methods put into practice for achievement of these ideas, are much more despotic, pushing away: whereas successful, hardworking, loving the country, the people, the state "US" the rights, humiliated, unsuccessful, lazy are given, "ANOTHER" the rights aren't given to dissenters, traitors of the native land.

      After we have talked about the values forming our world, I consider it necessary to tell that Talysh people should have the place among these values too, and they, having won a place among world societies, being equipped with knowledge, should enrich general values. And for this purpose it is necessary to address to information sources, to establish over them control, to study itself scientifically, to learn and extend. In the course of realization before you necessarily there will be concepts "WE" and "OTHERS". But success of these concepts is possible at their filling not the same that despots and general values of our time do. Only thus Talysh people can introduce something in the world culture.

     In parallel to the marked values it is necessary to tell about other reason of creation of The National Academy of Talysh. As we know, in 1929 in France under the direction of Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre the magazine known under the short name "Annales" has started to be published. This magazine became subsequently a basis of historical school "Annales". Together with innovations in history, this school has introduced new concept in a science as a whole: “Total history” (histoire totale or histoire intégrale). The problem here in capturing human life in all variety. Because considered at that time important the political history and biographic history didn't reflect all human life. But together with other areas of a science it was possible to reach completeness. The best example of it should give Fernan Brodel’s book “The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II” (1947). As what successful this book wouldn't be considered, the next years it has brought with herself and to the critic: isn't exaggeration studying of such boundless territory as Mediterranean Sea from a position of total history? Unless isn't an indispensable condition to have all sources and to generalize a theme, restriction of borders of the project in the considerable sizes. In this kind the approach of "a total history” has turned to “local history”.

    Thus, researches of local history became last twenty years deal of scientists-experts. As to communication told with our theme: if today there is a desire to write history of Azerbaijan from an approach position of "a total history”, it is necessary to investigate history of all regions of Azerbaijan with their historical realities and the sizes. However in the reached point it is possible to notice emptiness in this area. Academy activity on the one hand will help to fill defects in this area.

     Also it is necessary to not forget that carried out today worldwide researches about Talysh are in an isolated condition, and between scientists carrying out them communication isn't adjusted.

     Necessity to study and keep to value about which I spoke, and a lack of researches about Talysh became the reasons of creation of The National Academy of Talysh.

                TolishPress: What’s a purpose have the organization? How you will satisfy them?

                E.Agaev: As we know, the science has one way: to address to sources, to learn them and to draw conclusions. The academy sees the purpose advancement on this way.

    Certainly, fixing of sources is first goal. Fixation of sources is formed in two directions:

    1. To spend inventory, to prepare the list of researches about Talysh people and about Talysh.

    2. To spend economic, welfare, historic and ethnographic, literary researches about the past and the peoples present in Talysh. That is, value will be given to researches on the most different areas of a science.

     At the second step there is a work on learning of sources. At this step importance will be got by the organization of symposiums, conferences, meetings, discussions, readings, meetings.

     At the third step – the edition of the spent researches in the form of books, magazines, cards is planned. According to this purpose the priority will be given to “The Herald of Talysh National Academy”.

    The purpose also is creation of Talysh scientist school and development of knowledge about Talysh.

                TolishPress: Tell a little about structure and the mechanism of work of Academy.

                E.Agaev: the Academy consists of two sections: Academy of Science and Academy of Art. Besides, in its structure there are five bureaus: Social and economic, Historic and ethnographic, Literatures, Folklore and the Song, Editorial. At the same time within the limits of these bureaus will be considered and estimated various researches.

     The Academy structure includes honorable, full members and member-correspondents. Also in Academy there is a President, Board and Operating affairs.              

                TolishPress: With whom you will reach the purposes?

                E.Agaev: With scientists from the various countries of the world, leaders of research about the given region. In this connection we plan to cooperate with scientists from Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, the USA, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Georgia and Armenia, engaged in researches on the given subjects.    

                TolishPress: What criteria will you use in the researches?

                E.Agaev: in the researches we will be guided by universal rules of a science. Among them the objective view on various events is important. But you, I believe, you see, what even the concept "objectivity" is challenged today by scientists. In a case the absolute true and objectivity also aren't discussed with social studies at all. But will important come nearer to objectivity. In this sense in researches which will be spent in the future, necessarily there will be disputable points, circumstances. Certainly, here I consider necessary to remind that it is not necessary to confuse concepts "sight" and "objectivity". In researches which someone spends or will spend, it is the sight, it has any sight. It can't be avoided. That he has chosen this, instead of other theme shows its sight. It is important, to be objective having selected any theme. Only in these conditions we could approach to True.

                TolishPress: Why have you chosen the name "Academy"?

                E.Agaev: This question means that a lot of people think that “only the states can have academies”. The people having such sights, speak still so: only the state can have encyclopedias.

   Certainly, if today we look at the Academy structure in the Soviet Republics we will notice in their basis Imperial Academy of Sciences, which based in 1725 in Russia. This Academy has been connected with the state, on expression of Althusser, was “the ideological device of the state”. The Academy has kept this feature both in Soviet Union. And after the USSR Academies continue to carry out the functions in this status. Naturally, telling it, I don't think in any way to diminish scientific activity of Academy of Sciences of Soviet Union.

    But, give return by times of occurrence of Academy: Plato in an olive grove of Akadem, training the pupils in the mathematics, natural sciences and the forms of government, didn't carry out function of the ideological device of the state. 

     The reason of election of the name "Academy" was that this concept means community or the organization formed as a result of a concentration in one place of thinkers or scientists.

                TolishPress: you have selected as the Center of Academy one of the European cities.

                E.Agaev: I don't see in it anything strange. Today we can see in all parts of the world centers of Iranian science, researches of the Turkish world, etc. And it is natural. These are the centers created for the purpose of reception and creation of knowledge. In my opinion, it is necessary to pay attention not to in what country they were created, and on in what activity they to be engaged that put forward for the others. It is necessary to look at they bring what contribution for mankind development.

                TolishPress: we thank you for answers to questions. We wish that your center has brought the contribution to development of Talysh science school.

                E.Agaev: Thanks for your wishes and possibility to tell about our purposes and plans.


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